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Assignment 6: Ten Quirky Sites

Assignment 6: Travel Writers: Ten Quirky Sites to Consider

Wow, lots of research. I hope this didn’t stray too much or, once again, get too personal/preachy.

Thanks for any feedback,


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‘ I like my websites to stand for something up-front, and be focused.’ – YES

Great list and not too preachy in the least! I hope this assignment inspired some thoughts on what kind of content is in demand and just how many places there are that appreciate quality writing.

Have you submitted to any of these sites yet?

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Thanks for reading, and the feedback. I will likely submit first to Wend’s unpaid Postcard Blogs online (update to the post links to the submissions there), Vagabundo’s “Freelance Fridays” and am trying to drum up something for Lost Girls. So much to do, so little time! Sort of working and traveling and getting this class done now – no excuse, but I’m learning discipline. First thing is I just have to believe I can and should do it. So afraid to pitch and query! (Plan on getting more familiar with the sites and I think the confidence and story finessing will come from that.) I just finished a sort of floppy budget and posted it to the Chapter 7 forum– but it will be a work in progress.

Check back in with me in a month or so if you have the time!

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