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Assignment 5 question


I’m seeing a notice in the dashboard that only assignments 1, 6 and 12 will receive faculty feedback. So I won’t receive any feedback from faculty on any other assignments, including this one that is currently in progress? Please let me know if I’m mistaken… in my opinion, one of the most valuable assets to this course is the faculty feedback on every assignment. I realize it’s a large time commitment and the chapters are cumulative, but also don’t want to feel like the work put in between the major assignments is a waste and won’t be useful as far as taking feedback into account on further assignments.



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To answer your question, yes.

Facultyty Review is given on assignments, 1, 6, 12. Please understand that the manner, frequency and direction of faculty feedback and interaction has been an ever evolving system at MatadorU. We are evolving the system yet again. There will more phases of evolution rolled out at the U making it a more interactive, dynamic and meaningful environment. There will be more opportunities for access and publication at the Network and a deeper relationship with the actual working editorial process of Matador Network and MatadorU – these assignment changes are a part of that transition.

We have elected to arrange the assignment feedback in manner we have for good reasons and I ask for your patience and faith in that choice. That said, we do view every assignment – we are just not giving constructive feedback and review on them.

Our goal is to give not less feedback, but more meaningful and directed feedback – to work with students to complete a piece that is ready to be pitched and hopefully published. The new assignment system favors this aim. We are not ignoring the topics of the other assignments, and in my view they are just as important for your development, but we are asking you to take a high level of personal commitment to complete them without ‘official’ feedback.

I hope that you don’t feel any of the work you put in is a waste of time.

In order to become a professional travel storyteller I had to endure years of ‘no feedback’ because their was no faculty – and I think that is where the rubber hits the road, when there is no one there to encourage or validate you, just your blind will to go forth. We are trying to give you the best tools possible and I hope that in time you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for voicing your opinion and I am stoked to read your chapter 6 assignment :)

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Is there a way to read other students’ assignments so peer feedback can continue like on the forum before the dashboard switch? (Also, a little off topic: What is the “student showcase” that I need to upload a feature image for, and what’s the Bounty Board?)

Thanks for all your help!

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I was wondering that as well, Jen. How do we find other students’ work and for ideas and feedback?

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The Student Showcase will be your space to share work and network with other students. We’re in the middle of launching that one right now. So yes, you will still be able to read other assignments and offer peer feedback. We’re hoping to build a strong U community, in fact. Thanks for your patience!


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Thank you. Still I can’t find an answer in all the threads to the question regarding submitting assignments only after faculty feedback to the writing lab if there will be feedback only on 1, 6 & 12.

Does the mean that the writing labs are evolving to a place for submitting non course writing that has not received any other feedback?

I also understand that a student cannot start participating in writing labs until we have at least received feedback to assignment 1 is that correct?

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Thank you.


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Josh and Candice, this seems odd. thus far, I’ve received feedback on all my assignments and it has been very helpful. I dont really see the point in signing up to be a student on Matador without constant faculty feedback. Isnt that the point of going to school?

If I wanted to just wanted to endure years of no feedback on my path to a storyteller, I can do that for free instead of paying for a course…..

I hope Matador is not taking on more students than the faculty can handle and thus cheapening the experience of the students who have already paid for the course.

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I agree. Many people signed up for this course to learn from professionals – not struggle through the experience on their own.

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