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Assignment 2, Pt. 1 – Traveling with Kids

Here is the link to my Evergreen Content post –

I would love to receive feedback.


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Hi Linda –

I enjoyed your post greatly! Quite informative. I have seen some of your tips in action while I have traveled and amazed at how well the kids I saw behaved. One small suggestion: when you mention CDs & CD players, you may want to change it to iPod or MP3 players…I am surprised how quickly CDs & CD players are becoming outdated in a lot of places.

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Great post Linda – lots of good advice! I do agree with Jase11 about updating it with newer technology suggestions….a decent Netbook loaded with a dozen or so movies takes up about the same space/weight as a DVD player, without having to pack the DVDs, and an iPod or other MP3 played filled with music and audio MP3’s means no more packing CDs too.

Also, it might be really helpful to parents who take road-trips with their kids if you segmented your tips – plane trips vs road trips – since there are different ways to keep kids entertained while in a car (I’m remembering when my stepkids were young and we’d take them on a road trip each summer), such as games like (sorry I can’t remember the names of them) where you have to spot a license plate from every state to ‘win’, having one person start a story and the next one adds to it, and others that are sneakily educational too…they may be old but they still work!

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Thanks Jase11 and Trisha for your feedback and comments. I did intend this to be a piece for Traveling with Kids on an airplane. Tried it as both first but it got too lengthy. Perhaps I should change my title. I agree about the newer technology and only though more about it after I hit the “Post” button…I seem to do this a lot.

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I totally understand about the post-Post thoughts. I do that all the time with so many things.

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Great post Linda. Definitely evergreen content that I’m sure a lot of parents would find really helpful! Nicely organized content. :))

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