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Assignment 10 :troubles

I have just gone through assignment 10 and realise i don’t really want to create a media kit right now. For various reasons I havn’t been able to travel as much as i’ve liked : dammed English teaching, laziness, football etc. but i plan to remedy this as soon as possible.

I have returned to the course after a fair few months away concentrating on my blog

Although it is not strictly a travel blog it is about myself and my visits to football stadium in Ecuador as a Scotsman. My blog is receiving 200-300 hits a day and my stories/articles have been picked up by a few sites in the UK and Europe but alas for no money.

At present I am quite happy writing away to my followers and random readers picked up on Stumbleupon, Digg, social media and the websites I write for.

I have learned a lot doing this course and i plan to go back over some of the modules and invest a bit more time in the future. I have just completed a better blogging course with CTJT in London and together with the Matador course I should be able to improve many parts of my admittedly, rough blog.

To be honest I not too sure if I want to be a travel writer/blogger. I would rather just write stories/experiences as i come across them on my travels. I have had the chance to read a lot of my fellow students blogs and while they are all well written and good i am not too sure that they are in my same field of interest.

I can’t see myself as a full-time travel writer but more a travelling Sports/football journalist (which i have been completing many courses for) however I can see where i can parts of the course to benefit this career.

I am going to complete the course then go over it again to see where i can reuse particular modules. The WordPress specialist module has been useful too.



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Heya Ali,

We’re no longer accepting new assignments until MatadorU V2 is launched this week, and then you can submit directly through the new Dashboard. Deets here:



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