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Assignment 10 – my comments

Hi all,

After studying Chapter 10, I am glad to say that I discovered so much more about Network Ads, Paid Ads and money making opportunities than I ever expected. Although I know the basics, the “financial” details were particularly useful. I use Google Ads on my blog as well as Amazon and so far, I didn’t have a bad experience. But I will explore more networks and sources for even better results in the near future.

Regarding the media kit, I don’t feel my site is ready for this yet. I am not ready to provide stats and numbers as traffic is limited. Having said that, I often see blogs with very low traffic that actually provide a rather “diplomatic” media kit that works for them.

In my case, I have been approached from individuals and companies that want to provide content-related articles on my site (that fit the blog, not random) and reward me financially. They usually make me an offer and it’s entirely up to me to say yes or no. Those nice deals don’t come every day but I welcome them when they show up. I keep an eye on the content obviously.

So, there are ways to make money. Traffic is very important and so is content. But the number one priority is consistency for me. I hate blogs that publish everything and jump from one topic to another just to make a few bucks. Everybody can figure out what they are up too.

Happily enough, there is a lot of work to be done before my blog’s next level.

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A lot of work indeed – but arming yourself with the knowledge and tools makes your chances of success sooo much higher. It sounds like you have a good grasp on where you need to advance your blog in order to feel good about a media kit – but I would encourage you to put together a preliminary kit – even if you know that down the road you create something more substantial.

Good luck and keep it up – Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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