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Assignment 10 – Media Kit


I created a new page for my blog that is called “support”. I intend to add an Amazon affiliate page and an iTunes affiliate page (am considering going to a wordpress format or another host, so haven’t set that up yet), and a paypal donate button in addition to offering advertising. On the support page you can click on “advertise” to get the pdf media kit.

Let me know what you think (obviously no stats, as no real audience and no final blog set-up), but I think I got the potential target audience right…

Here’s the link to the support page – then you can navigate to the advertise page:



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oops – there is no pdf media kit, I changed it to be a link since the email address wasn’t working as a hyperlink on the pdf.


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Hmm. I’ve got to say that while the PayPal donate button is increasingly ubiquitous, I kind of hate it. That’s an entirely personal preference, I know, and I also know that the choice to donate is equally personal, but it really turns me off. There are many travel bloggers who use that button and I can’t help but think “What? So you want ME to fund YOUR travels?” Your blog is different because it’s not a travel blog per se, but an expat blog, but I still kind of find the donate button just yucky.

If you *do* want to ask readers for money in some way (which I’m not necessarily opposed to), then check out this article by Chris Guillebeau that was published in Writer’s Digest. By the way, I’m not an Art of Nonconformity fanatic (I don’t even read his blog), but I found this advice really interesting and potentially useful:×5/files/2010/02/Guillebeau_WD.pdf

Though the rest of the page and the advertising section are works in progress, you’re off to a good start. If you want me to take a look once it’s done, just let me know!

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I hear you re: donations, I was mainly thinking of people like my mom’s friends, etc. who might want to send me a “token” that way… And at some point, when my little book is done, I will offer it for sale and may consider putting some of the “privileged information” behind some kind of a pay wall as well. Once I put up more restaurant/museum reviews and historical information, there might be some way to say something to the effect that “if the information here was helpful to you, you might consider donating…”

Of course, everyone is also free to ignore it ;-)

BTW, thanks for your offer of some one-on-one coaching. I’d like to get some writing done (like Stromboli and Italian power ballads and a Parma disco piece I’ve been working on) and I’d love to be able to get your feedback.



p.s. have made some notes about the matadorU experience and will send them to you as well!

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Agreed. I think I feel so negatively about the PayPal “donate now” button because of a few specific people, so I shouldn’t generalize. :) I also should have said that I feel that your blog does and will continue to offer useful information– information that people would otherwise pay for if they wanted it in book or some other tangible form. Definitely email me with the Stromboli, power ballads, and disco pieces, as well as the U feedback. Thanks!

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