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Assignment #10 Media Kit

Hi all, pasted below my media kit. I don’t think I’d be very interesting for advertisers: my site is well-visited, but a recent survey showed that my readers are not interested in ads. (in fact most of them say it’s a big NO NO). That’s why I don’t offer the option of banners etc., but only advertorials and product reviews.

Btw, the slim stat plugin on my website shows (very) different visitor’s statistics than does Google Analytics…(analytics gives lower numbers). Anyone any thoughts on that? (can’t be that SlimStat gives page views instead of unique visitor, as it lists page views separately).

My media kit is a pdf file now, with a few images that don’t come through on the forum (don’t want to put it on my website just yet). Here goes:

Fem op Reis – Media Kit

Advertise with Fem op reis

I was scared too, when I gave up my job to travel. And the first time I traveled solo, I almost canceled my trip because I was so afraid to go alone.

I have been there. And I am here to inspire and entertain fellow travelers, friends, and those who would love to travel but need only a little more encouragement. Because leaving my job to travel and volunteer around the world on my own was one of the best decisions I have made.

My readers

The majority of my readers come from the Netherlands. Other countries in which readers find their way to my blog are (mainly) England, Germany, Belgium, France, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada:

[image of world map, indicating reader locations]

On average, my readers are between 20 and 40 years old, most of them in their early 30’s.

About 2500 readers visit Fem op reis each month. Just over half of these readers come back regularly, while new readers discover the blog every day.

And their interests

As I wanted to get to know my readers beyond what my site stats could tell me, I held a survey among regular readers, irregular readers, and non-readers.

Web stats show that the main search terms for Fem op reis are:

– Career break

– Solo travel

– Tips&tricks [planning, excursions, sights worth seeing, savings]

– Volunteer work

– South Africa

– New Zealand

The survey shows that what readers like most about Fem op reis:

– Personal stories

– Practical tip&tricks you wouldn’t think of yourself

– Humorous tales, not “the standard story”

– Background information, linking to literature and history of a place.

Download the survey results here: [survey results Fem op reis]

My writing

You can expect my writing to be

– accessible and light

– well-researched

– to the point, sharp, and humourous

– accompanied by photos

– varied (travel stories, interviews, destination articles, photo essays)

– accurate and carefully edited

My specialty topics are solo travel, career breaks, local encounters and volunteer work. In future articles I will also focus more on language (learning) and living abroad.

My specialty regions are South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, England, Germany, Israël, the Netherlands. I am planning a new trips to Malawi, South Africa, New Zealand, Cambodia.

I write in both Dutch and English.

Advertising options

– Advertorial: If you’re looking to let more people know about your company or project, I can write a neat advertorial for you

– Product review: I will gladly test your product and write an honest and personal review. The product can be anything, from gear to book to excursion.


– Sponsors for future trips are most welcome. Sponsorship can take any form, from excursions to accommodation or culinary vouchers.

I will publish a review or article on Fem op reis, which you can also publish on your own website. I will also promote the review/article on various social media.

– Just want to buy me a cup of coffee or a sandwich? Just let me know via e-mail and I’ll send you the details.

Writing services

– I am always interested in freelance writing assignments. Please contact me for more information.


For each article I write, I post a short description and a link to the article on Twitter, Facebook and where appropriate, Linkedin to increase exposure.


For more information, please e-mail me at fem [at] or use the contact form [link].

Download this media kit [pdf format]:

– Nederlands

– English

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It looks very long… it is 2 pages in pdf, with 2 images and my website’s logo on it…

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This is a fine length, and it covers most everything you need. Lots of great info here, and well written.

I might remove this line: – Just want to buy me a cup of coffee or a sandwich? Just let me know via e-mail and I’ll send you the details. You can install a little Paypal Donations box instead, and see where that takes you.

Readers might be put off by advertisements but there’s always a way to do things tactfully, and hey, ya gotta eat. As long as your blog posts aren’t marked with dozens of obvious links, banner placement and other ads are fine as long as they are on-brand. And only if they’re a brand you believe in. Just my opinion! No one has ever asid anything about the ads on my site. The ultimate decision is always up to you, of course! And if you’d prefer not to place ads, that’s cool too.


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Hi Candice, thanks fot the comments!

I’ve had some ads on my site for 6 months, and in 6 months nobody clicked on them, not once. These were, in my opinion, relevant ads (such as links to books I’d talked about on my blog). Anyhow, I’m going to try this, so no banners, but advertorials and product reviews. We’ll see!

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