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Assignment 10 I have failed

My travel blog gets hardly any hits. I don’t share it on social media regularly enough. So I feel like I have to get networking on my stats to make sure I can do this assignment. Where should I share my blog?

For some reason my articles show that I’m getting hits, but google analytics shows I only had 600 people visit my site last year.

However, I have another site that focuses on global hindu music that I’ve been developing that gets about 600 unique visitors a month and has much better stats. I’ve been working on networking it a lot more.

Do you think I should network and then finish this assignment? Or create a really embarassing advertising page to put on my site?

Thanks, Eve

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Eve, if you feel like you’re not at the right point in your blogging career to do this assignment, feel free to complete it and just share it HERE. Or work on your Hindi blog. It’s just good practice, for you to start understanding what to look for and what kind of stats are important, etc.

Have at ‘er!


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I’ve been struggling with this one, too. I’ve also learned that in order to advertise on my site I need to switch from to, which as a non-techie has been just about impossible for me. You can pay to have someone with wordpress do it. $139!

Candice, mind if I come back to this one later when it’s relevant? Would love some direction.



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Sure, Angela. If you want to take the blog thing seriously, honestly, ya gotta pay up. Having a site and your domain is the only way to generate traffic, make your site memorable, and customize/brand it to its full potential. It’s cool if you want to keep polishing your work, but in the long run, your own site would be a huge benefit!


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I did it! I’m an official domain owner. It’s certainly a work in progress, but I’m so glad I just bit the bullet and went with it, all on my own too. Cheers for the push, Candice!

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Sweet! Can’t wait to see it

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