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Assignment 10: Advertizing Page


Here is the link to my advertizing page, for assignment #10:

Because I am still developing my blog, I do not feel comfortable actually seeking out any advertizements at this time, so my page is very simple and missing some basic information. Still, any comments or feedback are welcome!

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Hey Laura, you off to a good start. Advertising is not something that is usually sought at the onset of travel writing (but everyone has a different approach) but it is good to have the basic down and it is a useful exercise in explaining what your website does and hopes to achieve.

I would rework this line;

Each blog is unique and focuses on sociopolitical, tourist and gastronomical topics. – Make this sentence a little more clear, no jargon. Say I blog about food, culture an travel.

Give advertisers and potential partners an idea of the types of work you are willing to do for them i.e. custom blogging, PR trips, ad space placement. Get specific.

And remember you can keep refining your approach and publish the page when you feel ready to enter into the discussion of advertising.

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