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Assignment 10# Advertising page

Hey all,

For a very long time ( read nearly four weeks) I contemplated about whether or not I want to complete this assignment. The reason for this is the fact that I do not (at the moment) have my own domain site and am using a WordPress blog. Also, the stats are nothing to boast about (at all!) and do not feel confident enough to sell myself to anyone yet.

Then, I decided to create a page anyway just to get a hang of things for future when I do plan to have my own website. So here it is, a very bare and basic advertising page. I haven’t prepared a media kit as it seemed kinds futile to go through it all when I would have to re-do it from scratch later on.

Thanks a lot!


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Hey Priyanka,

You’re right, the practice totally doesn’t hurt. This is a great intro, although when you DO have enough stats so that you want to start selling to people, you’ll want to add some extra details…i.e. traffic numbers and advertising rates for banners, etc.

The “solo female traveller” and “female traveller with small children” niche is especially a good thing to point. Sweet.

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