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Assignment #1: Should I Quit My Job and Go Abroad?

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to my first assignment about what to consider before quitting your job to go abroad. (I recently did this and couldn’t be happier! :) )

I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please excuse the rather bland site for now … hopefully something better is in the making.

Thank you!

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I really like where you are going with this piece and I think you got a solid start. Great subject matter, something a lot of people can relate to. You have a solid writing style that reads easily, now I want details.

I want this piece to be more personal. Just talking about the all inclusive ‘you’ doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty of quitting your job, severing ties and alternating the course of your life. If this is something you have done then buttress y9our tips with real details about your experience.

Like right here – ‘…back of our mind that won’t go away, a dream a little too crazy to say out loud’ – tell us what that too crazy dream was for you. When you don’t have to generalize, don’t.

‘I finally hit escape. I realized that for every time I stepped out those same office doors into the night, a day already done, there were a hundred other doors elsewhere in the world I could’ve been stepping through.’

– My big wish for this piece is that you personalize its message. You remind us at the end that you finally did it, but this is not reported on in the body of the piece. Bring the message home with details about you.

I want better introductions to your two links –

Finances: Although quitting a moderate to well-paying job in a developed country may seem unfeasible, the cost of living in most developing countries is a fraction. Here are two examples:’

– Don’t flop the links out all naked for god and everyone to see. Embed them in the text. Give each link an intro, talk about the Sovereign Man article and embed a link when you mention the website. Easy.

That said, I appreciate you included these links. Linking away to supporting material is important and helpful.

Solid first draft, polish it up – maybe find a creative commons photo on Flickr to give it some color – (scroll to the bottom and click Creative Commons’

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