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Ask an editor: On (writing) branded content

Hey, guys!

I’m Jacqueline, and I’m Matador’s primary branded content editor. If you read the marketplace postings, you’ve probably seen my name in a contact section or two. That’s me! Hi!

So, here’s the gist of branded content: Matador signs a deal with a tourism board/brand, and we then create “content” for them on our site. Usually it’s in the form of videos and written articles (writers, listen up!), but sometimes it’s photo galleries, fancy experience pages, Instagram, whatever.

In other words, I’m always looking for (usually) expert local writers. Here’s a few of the campaigns we’re working on now or will be in the future:

San Antonio, TX
South Padre Island, TX
Fairfax, VA
Oxford, MS

For non-writers: Whenever you see a branded content posting you fit, please feel free to reach out. While we’re normally looking for writers, we do run the occasional photo essay, and we’re totally willing to work with talented people who are willing to transition.

For writers: For starters, branded content is paid at higher rates. With that can mean edits and a lengthy publication process, depending on the campaign. Deadlines are usually hard and fast. And while we tend to look for established local writers (and regularly come back to those we’ve worked with — once you’re in, you’re in), we’re excited to work with newbies that make it clear they’re right for the job and know the area well.

How to get the gig: Email me in response to a post showing me your clips, yes, but also your personality and local expertise. If you want to spend a paragraph talking about Colorado’s taco scene, please do. Make sure the typos are non-existent, and please, please follow up. My inbox gets crazy and plenty slip through the cracks (so if you don’t get a response, that might be why).

How not to get the gig: “Hi, I’m so-and-so. I live in so-in-so. Please let me know what you need.” Also, “I’m going here,” is not useful information. We need experts, not tourists.

I think that’s it for now. Do you guys have any questions? I’d love to answer them on this thread.

Thanks for reading!


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Bon jour,

I sent you an email with links to some of my work. What is the typical length of a travel article on your site?


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Hi, Jacqueline!

Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I would love to learn more about the upcoming branded campaigns for Germany. My PhD focused on the history of Berlin (1920s-present) and I’ve been coming to Germany since 2012. I finally made the move from Canada last year to join my partner here full-time, so I’m actually living here now. I’ve written a few articles for Matador already about Germany and would love to do more! Shall I wait until I see a posting to contact you or can I do so already? If you’d like me to wait, when can I expect to see the posts?


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