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Anyone had success with arrivedo?

Arrivedo has been posting on the marketplace a lot so I tried to give it a try. So far I haven’t been able to get any hotels to write for. Anyone else have better luck?

The website is here:

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I have written one so far but don’t know if I will continue as it takes like 20 hours for each post between trying to get the hotels to confirm a time to speak, editing the formatting, and sourcing images.

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I have written many guides with Arrivedo. Indeed, what Lola said is fair enough. Writing a guide requires time and hard work (even though I usually take around 10 hours, not 20). The members of the team are really easy to reach, and the company is still developing. For me its being quite handy, both for the payments and for being able to build a portfolio.

Regarding the outreach to hotels, it can be tough sometimes, but they have several tips on how to do this more effectively. Also, deppending on the cities you are able to write about, the sales team may contact you to write a guide for a hotel even if you didn’t get in the first place. However, the payment is slightly lower in this case.


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I recently started writing with Arrivedo and have had great success with it! I have even earned the bonus that they are offering now for signing up your first two hotels before the end of the year.

I think for some, it might take a little time to figure out your approach style. If it seems like emails are not working, maybe try doing some walk-ins. Some of us are better on paper, and others are better in person. I have been going through my list of previous contacts, hotels that I have visited before and loved. Many of these are established relationships, so I just remind them who I am and tell them why I want to write about their hotel. Keeping it personal is what is working for me.

Also, think about sending your pitch to the one of the Editors for proof reading before you send it out. This has been helpful for me in gaining personalized tips and insights. I like to keep three Editors in my slack chat at all times, so that if I can’t reach one, I can speak to another if I need a answer quickly. There are also many chat boards in the Arrivedo helpshift that you can browse through or ask questions to other writers. I have spent a lot of time snooping through that stuff for valuable experience based insights.

For me writing the articles has been pretty quick, I feel like it’s very good compensation for the word count.  A half day of work for $200 or for 3 and 4 nights free accommodations is quite competitive in my opinion. Maybe it’s taking a long time to write because your interview questions need to be more comprehensive. I find that after my interview, the article is pretty much already written. Also, searching for photos can be time consuming, so remember to use your own if you have them!

Hope this helps a little bit!

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Stephanie:  How are you initiating an agreement on payment?  I am just getting started and trying to learn the ropes of everything.  Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Hi, Danielle. I am not sure what payment you are asking for, from Arrivedo or from the hotels? Have you downloaded the Slack App for Arrivedo? I would love to talk to there about whatever help you need! Look me up there and send me a message. 🙂

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I’m interested to know too!

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Hi everyone!  I’m also getting started with them.

Stephanie, would you mind if I looked you up on the Slack channel too?  I would be interested to hear about your experience with it so far.  Thanks!

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Could someone just go over step by step how to choose a hotel on Arrivedo as a writer? How do you know if someone has made an NG for a hotel yet or is in the process of making one? How do you reserve a hotel for yourself to write about? I want to get started as quickly as possible and I haven’t heard back from the sales team, so if someone could help me it would be great.





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