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Anyone ever done housesitting?

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading a lot about housesitting, but so many sites out there require you to pay to join them before you can even get a look at what opportunities are on offer. I’ve heard that a lot of people manage to housesit their way around the world, avoiding paying rent for most of the year. Has anyone here actually managed to spend a good chunk of time housesitting? Where was it? And would you recommend it?

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If done correctly it works out great. My wife and I traded our house to another couple in France we knew. Later the couple in France (Nantes) told another couple and then within a few months we had a couple asking us to sit their home outside Genoa. Everyone knows somebody somewhere, next thing we were staying in Puerto Rico, house sitting for two months then Costa Rica. It takes a while but after a while, your name will get around and if you keep things clean and friendly you could get some calls. Beware homes off the beaten path or too far from town and it helps to speak the language a bit or try to. We have stopped house sitting because it locked us in a location too long or in one case the neighbours were less than helpful when an issue with the water system happened. But all in all, it is the way to go on the cheap and really immerse yourself in a place.

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Hey Christian,

We’ve been housesitting for 5 months on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It’s been great so far. We’ve met some wonderful people and their pets and it’s giving us the opportunity to explore the Island before deciding on a permanent location to live.

We have found that most sits require taking care of pets. We love animals, so that isn’t a problem. Our next sit is just the house, no pets, so we’re free to leave the house and explore the area for a few days at a time. Our shortest sit was 2 weeks, longest 2 months.

Some of the housesitting sites we use will allow you to view the sits and pay if you want to apply – others are free. I’ll list the ones we use:

Trusted House Sitters

House Sitters Canada

House Sitters


Mind My House

We love it! We get a free place to live, all utilities and internet included, and we get to travel.

Good luck! We totally recommend it, but you must be willing to spend the time required to care properly for the home and pets as required.


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Hi Christian,

Ive house sitted in several occasions in the states,Mexico and in India, It works out fairly well when your just going from city to city looking for work.It really gives you a helping hand when you’re looking for a place to settle down.I house sitted here in Bangalore India before i could find myself an apartment and job.Works out Great..

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Hi Christian,

I’ve been traveling almost full time with my Husband and my Son since 2014. We’ve spent almost a year and a half of that time house sitting around the world! We’ve house sat in Panama, Spain, Turkey, France, Belgium, Alberta Canada, throughout the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and we have a 5 month one coming up in Guanajuato Mexico in April. I would totally recommend house sitting! We have saved a TON of money on travel costs and got to know the places we’ve visited on a local level because of house sitting! I have a ton of info on my site, including a free e-course to help you get started.

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Hi Christian,

I second David and Tracey.

My husband and I have been house sitting full-time for 2.5 years throughout the US for now, but we will go internationally in the future. We are members of the platforms: Mind My House, House Carers, and House Sitters America. There is a Facebook group called House Sitting World, which is free to become a member of and there is a lot of useful information. People are helpful, friendly and encouraging, you can post your availability or look at house sit listings, and ask many questions. 🙂

I have extensively reported about all our house sits on my blog Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary: Here is an example of a profile (ours) that has worked each and every time to secure us the sits we desire:

Our shortest sit has been 1 week, to fill a gap, and the longest 4.5 months on a maple farm in New England. Hope this helps and have fun house and pet sitting!!

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