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An American Girl in Transit's Media Kit

I am FINALLY getting around to completing this section! Sorry Julie for the delay :) I didn’t get too deep into the advertising section since I am using and can’t really sell advertising space. Im trying to focus more on writing and freelancing rather than trying to live off my blog.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

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Hi, Leora-

One quick note about how you write your email address– you may want to write leoranovick[at]gmail[dot]com– this helps prevent straight cut and paste bots from spamming you.

On the kit itself, I might change the “From” in the first sentence to “Offering.”

Leora has traveled to over 15 countries, most notably [I’d delete “most notably”] living

in Israel for one year, Italy for six months, [add “and”] backpacking through Peru for two-months. [delete the dash between “two” and “months.”]

Otherwise, this looks solid.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve ALWAYS wondered why websites had their email addresses written out like that!

Thanks again for the solid help!

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Mystery solved!

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