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Alternative Travel Magazines

Any suggestions on alternative travel magazines that pay for content, off the beaten track type with a more creative approach, either web based or printed.


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I can’t help with the travel mags.

But, I wonder if places like and would take something travel-related. They like different e.g. X Borneo Customs That Can Catch a Traveler Out. They pay and both have plenty of visitors.

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Hi John,

Here are some magazines which I guess are alternative, though you may already know them: The Explorers Journal, The Explorer, Escapism, Ambrosia (regional cuisine), Stay Wild, Wanderlust.

Maybe you could pitch to some of the airline magazines which travel to your region too, such as Hemispheres (United Airlines), Atlas (Etihad), Silverkris (Singapore Airlines), Open Skies (Emirates) etc.

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Renegade, Sidetracked, and/or We Are Here.

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