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I have jumped down to this lesson as its most relevant for me now. I have completed my advertise page.

Would love some feedback. Haven’t yet tackled the media page but I’m working on it. I don’t feel as confident doing that as my blog is so new, I don’t feel like I have much to put in it.

thanks in advance

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The “Who Do We Target” section is very strong; it lets the prospective advertiser know exactly who your audience is (and, by extension, who it isn’t).

In the Stats section, I’d like to see consistent punctuation:

The Statistics below are taken from feedburner and Google analytics unless otherwise noted.

Alexia Ranking: 145,530 [Also- it’s “Alexa,” not Alexia]

Monthly traffic: 2,951 [Monthly Traffic]

Monthly Page Views: 5,177

Demographic: 51.2% US Traffic 12.2% Australia 7.6 % UK

Facebook fan page: 281 [Facebook Fan Page]

Twitter followers: 594 [Twitter Followers]

You may want to make a note for yourself (if you haven’t already) to update the stats on a monthly or quarterly basis.

I’d recommend adding a hyperlink to your Contact Form for every place where you say “contact”

I don’t like the use of the phrase “very honest” in your disclaimer section. You’re either honest or you’re not.

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Thanks Julie!

I have made the changes.


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