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Hey –

I recently did an advertise page for GloboTreks.

Will soon do the media kit with the same info I used here and more demographics based on Alexa and Google Analytics.

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This definitely seemed like the next logical step for you!

I caught a couple of typos you might want to fix: Who does GloboTreks targets? [should be Who does GloboTreks target?]

And under Sponsored Reviews:

“If you got a travel product, service, or website that you think might appeal GloboTreks audience and would like to have reviewed in a blog post, you may have the option of purchasing a sponsored review. ” [should be “If you have a travel product…”]

“Reviews are approximately between 300 – 800 words in length and are featured in the homepage a period no less than a week. ” [should be “are featured on the homepage for a period of no less than a week.”]

“The reviews and its links” [should be “The reviews and their links”]

Otherwise, it’s comprehensive and clear!

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Thanks Julie… fixing those typos now. I’ll be posting the media kit soon.

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Great job Norbert! Now let the advertisers roll on in

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