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Hello hello,

Here is my first attempt at an Advertise page. Like most other students, I feel it’s a bit premature to develop the media kit. My traffic stats aren’t exactly stellar. I’d appreciate any feedback on my interim Advertise page, though!



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Hey Lindsay,

Nothing is ever premature! At the very least, it makes great practice. And you’ve put together a lovely advertising page here. Love the additional info about hosting Twitter chats, etc. And the graphs. Everyone loves graphs.

Advertisers would likely need a few additional details (dollars), but this looks great. You also mention a media kit. Have you put one together yet?

Love your site, Lindsay.


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One last thing: Good idea to include what kind of advertising you WON’T accept. Like text links, or whatever. Eventually you will get bombarded with emails requesting such annoyances.

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Hi Candice,

Thanks so much for the the feedback. The media kit is my project for this weekend. I figured if anyone actually asked in the short-term, I could whip one up quickly :) Good thinking re: on what I won’t accept.



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I found your advertise page to be really straightforward, accessible and well organized. Good work.



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Hey Lindsay,

thanks for the inspiration – I´m in the process of creating my first website and I just love yours!


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