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ACTION NEEDED: Student blogs to be discontinued

Dear student,

As of February 1, 2014, we will be removing all student blogs ( We are discontinuing them due to low usage and high spam content. We realize that there are some students who do use the blog appropriately; we are providing a method to export your blog to another blogging platform (we highly recommend

In addition, upon request, we can also set up a redirect on your current MatadorU blog so that any visitor who goes to your link will automatically be taken to your new blog address.
Sign up for is easy and free and can be done here:

Once you have signed up for your blog, you can export your MatadorU blog:

1. Log into your MatadorU blog
2. Go to Tools > Export

The resulting file can then be imported into your new blog (or, if you have already have one, your existing blog). Import support for can be found here.

The ability to post an Assignment or Exercise to your blog and/or share a blog post in the Student Showcase will be disabled immediately (blogs will remain up until February 1, 2014).

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah at"> or leave a comment below.

Dean of Education

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Does that mean we will not be able to see and comment on other student’s work? I find it especially helpful to read the comments of the faculty regarding my peer’s work.


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Hi Andrew…no, the Student Showcase isn’t changing, which is where students post their work and where faculty and peers can leave comments. The student blogs were external to this and were very minimally used. The original intent behind them was to have an external facing blog that the general public could see. Nothing internally is changing.

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Hi Carlos,

My blog is my name then, but it says it is already a word press blog.  Just wondering if I am safe or will my student blog be discontinued?

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Yes, it will be discontinued…the student blogs are built on WordPress, but run through MatadorU. So you’ll need to sign up for a blog, then export your blog to your new site (see above for some instructions). Let us know if you need any help!

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Ok, will do Thank you

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