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A pop up moment

I clicked on the link for the recommended reading section of Chapter 10 and burst out laughing. After waiting for the page to load and then quickly x-ing out of the “Let Me Show You How I Make Over $100,000 Just from Blogging!” pop up ad… I read this:

1. Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders

Pop ups are the most irritating ad in my opinion. If your blog has a pop up ad, then I’m not going to return to your blog. These pop up ads, not only irritates the reader by acting as a disturbance but it also earns less money. Do you want to lose your subscribers for a few dollars?

Hahaha! It was the first one on the list! Even if it is a free ebook and I’m guessing the author is a guest blogger…

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Oh good grief. Which link was this? We may have to remove it. Personally, I do think pop-ups are the most annoying thing ever. Right after Flash websites that take forever to load and which play music unexpectedly.

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