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So far this year I’ve been telling all my top contributors the same thing: make this the year of collaboration. Connect with visual storytellers–photographers, filmmakers, etc.–whose work you like, and then go out on missions where you work together–collecting both pictures / video and your writing. When you can approach editors with a complete ‘package’ of strong media assets as well as solid story, it immediately pushes your work to the to the top of the queue.

This community is a perfect platform for connecting with photographers and filmmakers. If we can all take more action this year in terms of reaching out and collaborating, there’s no telling the kinds of stories we can create.

Here is a recent case in point. A new contributor Nikita Nelin had an amazing story to tell from his time at Standing Rock. But it was by connecting with photographer Brian Nevins that he was able to really take readers to ground level there in the camp:

Would love to hear from writers right on this thread who, if anyone, they’d like to collaborate with. I’m happy to facilitate as much as possible. 



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I would love to collaborate with any photographers or filmmakers traveling to Europe. I’m new to the Matador community and just getting my feet wet. I’m based in Spain but completely open to traveling to work with other people around Europe. Actually hoping to go back to Morocco some time this year and would love to collaborate with a filmmaker/photographer, I have a few ideas I’d like to share and work with someone on.

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Misha-Lee, if you come to Italy let me know!

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I’m a writer/editor based in Argentine Patagonia if any filmmakers or photographers have their sights set on projects in this region. Let me know and I can not only possibly help you out with written content, but can give you the local lowdown of all the best spots to hit.

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I love it! Anyone in Cape Town? Let’s adventure! WSP (Writer seeking photographer or videographer 😉 )

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Hey Toby (and all)…you can search by location in the Members area, and choose sort/filter options to narrow it down. For example, here’s a search of Cape Town and I’ve chosen “Photographers” as a Specialty. How about reaching out directly to others?

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@Carlo: word, I’ll check it out! 🙂

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