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2017, the year of _______________. Fill in the blank!

Hey tribe!

I’m wondering: what’s your 2017 goals? What’s going to be different? 2017, the year of _______________. Fill in the blank! Writers, photogs, videogs, all of us. Share!

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2017, the year I launch my publishing app and effect change in my business niche.

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2017 | The year of succes and more focus on things i love to do, instead of working on things for money till you love it ( or not )

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Kae, you are well on your way, woman.

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2017: The Year of Peace. In September I start a masters in Peace Studies. Very excited (surprisingly) to be heading back to school. Until then, I’m exploring the role of storytelling (as an editor, a writer and, maybe soon, a teacher) in cross-cultural understanding, social justice, and change.

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I have so many goals that it is hard to narrow it down! One that is blog related has been to improve the structure of my work because sometimes there is so much to do with blogging and trying to create opportunities that I don’t know where to start or try to do 10 things at once. So I’m working on ‘today my goal is this’ and ‘by the end of the week I need to have x,x and x done’


Also one of my other goals it for 2017 to be the year of my first press trip.

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2017: The year of doing the things I always knew I could but was scared to try. Travel has never scared me, but being the writer I want to be has. This is the year of feeling the fear and not caring, and putting myself out there. Because, really, what’s the worst that can happen?

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2017: The year of contentment with the places I am in before obsessing over the places I will go.

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@Toby — what a year to begin PEACE studies. Way to go!!

@Katie – I find monday mornings are MADE for what you need/want to accomplish in the whole week. Then daily from there on. Awesome choice! So the year of FOCUS maybe?  I hope you are applying to PTOs (press trip opps) in the Marketplace!

@takeeachday – could I be so bold as to say the year of FAILURE? I mean that in the best way. The year it became okay to fail. There is SO much freedom in knowing it’s okay to risk, and to fail. You can of call it the year of RISK which is really what I mean. But embracing the idea that it’s okay to risk – and the risk is exactly this: that you might fail – is an ongoing journey that I have to revisit every year. Thanks for sharing – I needed this reminder too!

@Angela – contentment. Oh man. thanks as well for sharing this honesty. I need this too. Sometimes the travel slows or is unreachable. There must be contentment with where you ARE as much as you can hunger (in a good way) for where you want to GO. I am unable to travel right now – we just moved cities, i had a baby i don’t want to leave yet, family obligations, funds – and I have to choose contentment every day. Even on the road, often we itch for the next place, so contentment is needed no matter where you are at.

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2017 for me is the Year of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Exercising: I am attending Alpha program to learn more about the meaning of life; reading 26 books as an annual goal; doing open-mic as a stand-up comedian in both English and Chinese; writing on Medium and for Matador :); and working out regularly.

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2017: The year of actually doing what I say I am going to do. Off to a good start – joined this community!

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2017: The year for cheap avocado and learning how to sleep properly on planes!

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2017: the year of taking the call to adventure!

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2071:  The year of reducing my brain function as I trek up mountains no lower than 4000 meters in height.

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2017 is the year of #ExploringAustralia

After living here for 4 years, I am finally prioritizing travel in my own backyard and highlighting travel opportunities for everyday working Australians through city breaks and short term travel itineraries throughout the different states.

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