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10 Places to Publish Articles on Sustainable Travel

Hi Candice,

Here is my chapter 6 assignment:

I think the publications I picked are half really ambitious and half what I think I can do now. I don’t really have anything in the middle. Do you have any suggestions?



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It only let me post a finite # of tags. Is there usually a restriction on this?

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I actually have no idea, Alanna. I’ve hardly ever used the tags, but it’s very likely.

This looks like a solid list, Alanna. For “someone in the middle,” I recommend hitting up “Wanderlust and Lipstick” (feels like your artisans niche would jive super well with them), and GoNOMAD. They published my first ever piece, so they’re receptive of new talent.

The Expeditioner guys are also super approachable, as is Wild Junket. You certainly don’t NEED to start pitching smaller publications before moving onto the big guns, but it is good practice for sure.


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Thanks for the suggestions Candice!

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