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10 Places to Get published and Paid

When you are looking for a job, employers seem to be focused in one thing: experience. This fact can present a problem to newbies entering the labor market.

Beginning travel writers do not escape this requirement. They usually dream of publishing their stories in glossy magazines with an audience in the 7 digits. But there is a problem: a list of places where you have published is requested by the editor.

Do not fear my amateur, valiant writers. Nowadays, heaps of online publications are looking for contributors. It is possible to start to build a portfolio and an online presence while earning a few bucks. Yes, you heard me right. This article provides information about sites paying writers for their submissions. Read ahead.

Go World Travel

Description: In 2003, a group of print journalists decided to start a full-feature online travel magazine to celebrate international travel. The site is written for high income, frequent travelers who are looking to experience a destination thought words. The stories presented on the magazine tend to go beyond the usual articles printed in traditional media.


Editor: N/A

Submissions: This publication is looking for stories in their World Spotlight, Fascinating People, Eco-Travel, Off-The Beaten-Path and It Really Happened Categories. All submissions can be sent to Articles up to 1,000 words and photo essays with up to 10 photos are accepted. Payment is $30 per story/photo essay upon publication.


Description: Two friends founded this online magazine to empower woman lives through travel. The site features stories about discovery, inspiration and self-awareness. Besides, practical safety advice and tips on how to reach a cultural connection are presented. The team behind the magazine is able to attract more than 15k monthly readers.


Editor: Kim Mance

Submissions: Contributions are accepted in the Features, Blog Posts and Travel Tips areas. Finished pieces or pitches should be e-mailed to with a short introduction about the writer. Feature travel essays are paid $50 and blog posts are paid $15.

Lost Girls World

Description: Three friends and media professionals left everything behind to embark in a year-long journey. They shared their adventures online and ended up signing a contract to write a travel memoir. Posts, travel essays and service oriented articles providing advice and information for young women continue to be published in their website.


Editor: There are five section editors. See website for details.

Submissions: Contributions to one of the five sections should be sent to a specific editor (see website for e-mail addresses). Contributions are not paid. However, $12 is paid for each of the following article types: Pitching 101 (interview to editor of a publication to learn how writers can pitch successfully) and Country / City Guides.

Transitions Abroad

Description: This is the leading website for independent travelers who want information on traveling, working, studying, living and volunteering abroad. The site attracts millions of yearly visitors because of its detailed articles which help readers to make their own plans.


Editor: Gregory Hubbs

Submissions: Articles are accepted in four areas: Cultural Travel, Working Traveler, Living Abroad and Studying Abroad. The website contains fine details of what is wanted for each category. Manuscripts should be sent electronically and addressed to Payment ranges from $50 to $150 depending on how much traffic the editors believe the article will produce.

Wild Junket Magazine

Description: This bi-monthly digital magazine, with a mission to inspire readers to travel light and travel far, started to be published this year and it already has 1.65 million monthly readers per issue. The stories published in the magazine are focused on outdoor adventures, special interest journeys and deep cultural experience.


Editor: Nellie Huang

Submissions: Several departments such as Destination Features, Travel Guide, Dispatches and Feast are open to submissions. Pitches should be sent to Payment ranges from $50 to $150 depending on the type of feature.

Vagabundo Magazine

Description: Vagabundo is for independent travelers who are looking to be inspired by freedom, fun and adventure stories. The publication runs two types of content: online and quarterly magazine.


Editor: Brendan Van Son

Submissions: Each Friday, space is given to freelance writers looking to contribute to the online section. About half of the content of the magazine is provided by freelancers. Send pitches to Contributors earn between $25 and $175 for their articles depending on the placement.

Literary Traveler

Description: As the name implies, this site is aimed to those who are interested in literature and the arts. The articles highlight writers, artists, and the places where they lived and traveled. Furthermore, stories about journeys inspired by a piece of literature or work of art are published.


Editor: Francis McGovern

Submissions: Articles length should be in the 1500 – 2000 words range. The editors are expecting 1-4 photos with every article. Submission, with clear identification in the subject line, can be sent to The publication pays $50 per article.


Description: Site focused in alternative or participatory travel where travelers engage with people, culture and the environment. Guides detailing off-the-beaten-path destinations and popular places from a different perspective attract readers who want to learn from seasoned travelers.


Editor: Max Hartshorne

Submissions: High quality, useful articles are accepted in the Features and Destination Mini-Guide Departments. The submission procedure is very detailed. Visit the website for more information. Complete submissions should be made to Contributors receive $25 per feature.


Description: This magazine / blog / community has been around since 1998 and it promises to be the one-stop for indie travel (experiencing the world first-hand). Therefore, the articles submitted need to reflect a passion for travel, a desire to make meaningful connections and an excitement to learn cultural practices from locals.


Editor: Katie Hammel

Submissions: For information about writing opportunities go to Editors are looking for ideas for the Features Articles, Expert Travel Articles and Travel Essays Programs. All submissions should be made through a contact form on the website. Payment ranges from $20 to $50.

The Expeditioner

Description: This online magazine is designed for enthusiastic wanderers interested in reading full length articles about adventure, budget, beach and winter travel. In addition, a team of global contributors provide news, insight, commentaries and video from destinations around the globe.


Editor: Matt Stabile

Submissions: This publication is looking for first-person narratives in the range of 1,100 to 1,300 words. Manuscripts should be sent to Upon publication, $30 is paid per article.

Do you know of other markets offering payment for contributions? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Sweet! The folks at Go NOMAD and The Expeditioner are particularly fantastic. Start pitchin’!

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