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#10 Media Kit

This one took me a while. Perhaps because I recognize that my eventual blog will probably not be named, “The Leaning Tree”. I think that once I get up and running, and really start promoting advertising, I will have a different look and feel.

In the end, I decided that what was important for now, was getting through the mechanics of the assignment. Learning how to put this information together so that when I do have the new blog up, I can do this work then as well.

The page:

The Kit:

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Hey Todd, you are off to a good start – here are some thoughts.


Advertise page copy looks good – but I would say focus even more on your Christian/missionary niche market – this really sets you apart. Maybe mention a few types of companies that would benefit from affiliating with your website?

Perhaps include a call to churches that are involved in missionary work that want to hire you to document their work? Just a thought.

Since you only have 1 image on the page I want it to be of people – perhaps the missionaries that you have stories about. Or a picture of your smiling face. The dirt road shot doesn’t tell me anything about the niche market of the blog and doesn’t get me excited about the people behind the project.

Media Kit

How is travel in your blood? Have you traveled widely? Have you been going on missions since you were young? Validate that statement with some facts.

Maybe get a little more specific about ‘redemption’ – I know you know what you are talking about, but spell it out in a way that is more specific for me.

The text at the beginning of ‘The Roots’ and ‘The Branches’ is too similar. Don’t repeat yourself.

Also this sentence is clunky – ‘From encouraging supporters, to young adults looking to plug in, and veterans sharing stories from the field, we offer our readers a chance to

be involved.’

Maybe something like – ‘Leaning Tree gives support to missionaries in the field and provides a place for veterans to share their experience with people just starting out in mission work. Our readers are passionate and our readers are involved.’

The page 2 Guest Writer section needs to be more eloquent. Don’t advertise your writing services with sentence fragments.

I would also suggest cleaning up the formatting of right hand side of page 2, the Content list looks lopsided.

And again, think about your photo choice – make sure your images add to your message.

All in all I think you are doing a good job of presenting yourself, retool some of the message and tighten the format and I think you are off to a good start.

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Revisions in progress, Josh! Thanks or the help. After digging around a bit, I found that I had much better pics to include. And you’re right, the verbiage is repetitive and brief. I’m working on it!

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