Hi, I'm Lydia Binyam! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and producer in Portland, OR, United States. I am a video content creator, born and raised in Portland,OR. I created a youtube channel in 2020 and specialize in travel vlogs to showcase fun things to do in each city I visit. she/her.


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Traveling has always been a passion of mine since I was a young child going on family vacations. It was special because I got to spend time with my loved ones while visiting new cities and going on adventures.

As I got older I made it my mission to make a bucket list of each city I wanted to visit and in the past two years I've nearly covered it all! Having a travel vlog has helped me capture these amazing memories I've made and the content has also been informative to others who are planning on visiting those cities.

Traveling is extremely beneficial for one, because it allows you to experience a new environment and explore your own interests. I always believe that I am my best self when I am in a new city because I allow myself to immerse in the culture.


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