Hi, I'm Wade Holland! 

Filmmaker and talent in Los Angeles, CA, United States. I'm an adventure personality, host and athlete inspiring others to get out and taste nature! My fearless and infectious energy is the lifeblood of my content. IG: 170K TikTok: 20K.


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Wade Holland is a host, adventure personality and an award winning video creator. He has produced and hosted creative campaigns for networks and brands around the world, while his original content has won GoPro Awards, received Emmy nominations and has aired on global networks.

Formally a competitive freestyle skier from Montana, he brings a fearless and infectious energy to his content that his audience has known to love. After winning TNT’s adventure reality show, 72 HOURS, he built a content shop focused around original series and stories of adventure. His unmatched energy is his signature trait. Wade works side by side with his life partner and sfx makeup artist, Abby Wren. He has a knack for creating laughs, smiles while developing ideas that stick.


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