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Writer and talent in Bondi Beach, Australia. Helping adventurous travelers find affordable, well-designed places to stay that have a sense of place, encourage interaction & connection with likeminded people & the planet. They.


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Hi there! Kristian & Rachel here - we’re a bunch of Bondi locals who love to find the best places to travel. We’re also the founders of the website Destination Outpost.

Destination Outpost was borne from a frustration we have in common – the time-consuming & difficult task of finding accommodation that meets that sweet spot of beautifully designed, affordable & communal. Now we're in our 30s, we’ve graduated from the budget hostel life (although we have plenty of fond memories). We prefer to spend our money on experiences than sleep, but we still like to be somewhere that we love the feel of. That is why we created Destination Outpost, so you can spend your valuable time enjoying your travels rather than searching for these hard-to-find, exceptional accommodation experiences.


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