Hi, I'm Reena Yadav! 

Writer, photographer and talent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm a blogger from Kuala Lumpur who is looking to turn my writing and photography into free travel and paid opportunities. My website is Gemini Gypsy Diaries. she/her.


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While working a desk job for 16 years, I always looked out my window and felt that I wanted to travel and create my travel blog. And then, one day, my life changed.

From a comfortable desk job, I was retrenched. My baby, Gemini Gypsy Diaries is a pandemic baby. Although we couldn't travel, that did not stop me from writing about my future travels.

In my blog, I help you by sharing 2-day itineraries for places such as Milan, Udaipur, Naples, and much more. I hope to include 3-4 day itineraries in the future.


Member since Jun 2022

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