Hi, I'm Kiwi Durham! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and talent in Atlanta, GA, United States. Kiwi is a millennial lifestyle and travel content creator with 10 years of blogging experience on KiwiTheBeauty.com. Follow her online journey at @kiwithebeauty. she/her.


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Kiwi is a millennial lifestyle and travel digital creator.

KiwiTheBeauty.com, the blog she founded, is recognized for its unique storytelling approach, emphasizing visuals that capture the essence of adventure, fun, and excitement.

Kiwi has been active in the digital space as a blogger, journalist and content creator since 2012.

As a social influencer, Kiwi uses stunning photo captures and engaging video recaps to document her experiences and encourage people to embrace life to the fullest. Her passion for storytelling and visually captivating content has helped her build a loyal following, and she continues to inspire her audience with her unique perspective on life and travel.


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