Hi, I'm Karilyn Owen! 

Writer and photographer in Los Angeles, CA, United States. I am a travel writer and photographer based in Los Angeles California. My work focuses on outdoor and adventure travel with my 12 year old son. I am active on Instagram and my blog. she/her.


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Karilyn is a family travel writer and influencer currently based in Los Angeles. After a decade of living in India, Karilyn relocated to Southern California where she started her family travel blog No Back Home. As a solo mom to a nature obsessed 12 year old and a homeschool parent, Karilyn and Cian’s travels focus on outdoor adventures, experiential learning opportunities like language immersion and artisan crafts, as well as eco-friendly travel.
Moving from the backpacking world to luxury once in a lifetime experiences, Karilyn shares the best locations, attractions and accommodations in each area that she visits to help families move from inspiration to making memories.


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