My colleagues and I often can tell from the first two lines of a pitch letter or an article that we don’t need to read any further.
Yesterday you sat down to write that article. As of today, you haven’t written that article.
We are always writing to someone – even when we are lost in the impersonal trance of writing. Who is anyone? How old are they? What race or nationality? What income level? Are they an agent? An…
While the world of publishing now moves at the speed of the internet, some criteria for excellence haven’t changed.
If you want to stand out in your writing, photography, or filmmaking, it's time to start being hyper-critical about everything you create.
Your creativity lies deep inside that feeling. Waiting.
Your work is a reflection of you. There are far too many people you have to compete with. Give yourself the best possible chance.
The service of the travel journalist is to depict honestly what is before them, without the filter of a biased worldview and their own ideologies and beliefs.
As a beginner writer it can take a while to find your own voice, so you emulate what you read, and many of us have been reading travel fluff for a long time.
Stereotypes not only demean whoever is being written about, they indicate that the writer has not been willing to do his or her work