The roots of this story are so fantastical, yet somehow so appealing; even the average Joe can appreciate it.
If you write fiction, AND travel, this book is worth examining.
I feel like it’s important to connect to the places we visit via literature.
Many of us, especially the 80s babies, grew up on Williams’ work. It might seem silly, but Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the most memorable movies from my childhood. Everything about it.
On top of being a riveting read, it’s also a damned fine example of beautiful travel literature.
These people are so beautifully imagined, it’s almost heartbreaking to know they’re not real.
It’s bit of a cliché to be an Atwood fangirl, isn’t it? Oh well. I adore her.
This Stephen King book is part memoir and part killer guide to writing, no matter your genre or style.
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