If you want to build your own drone it's a big plus to have some basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills.
You don’t fight a creative block by attacking it directly. The block is part of your psyche, so if you go after it, you are committing aggression on yourself.
The reality is that in today's digital media landscape your traffic will live or die by the hand of social media.
Too many of us would rather talk or read about writing than write. As a mentor, I have a job to promote action, rather than talk.
Adopting the right attitude to your work is a big step towards your success.
Most Creatives – painters, sculptors, film makers, photographers, writers, dancers, musicians – carry within themselves critical messages that they have heard and learned throughout their life…
It's kind of my worst nightmare but I just may give it a shot.
My colleagues and I often can tell from the first two lines of a pitch letter or an article that we don’t need to read any further.
Yesterday you sat down to write that article. As of today, you haven’t written that article.
We are always writing to someone – even when we are lost in the impersonal trance of writing. Who is anyone? How old are they? What race or nationality? What income level? Are they an agent? An…