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Carlo is a Managing Editor at Matador and Dean of Education at MatadorU. He began freelancing with Matador in 2008 and has been an editor since 2009. His work has also appeared in Business Insider, CNN Travel, Asian Traveler, and Huffington Post TV, as well as on a novel where he landed a cover photo. In his other life he performs with an acoustic group (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and loves yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and nature. He currently lives in Nelson, BC.

"If telling stories about the world and its people — whether through video, photography, or writing — gets you excited and makes you feel like you’re doing meaningful work, go for it. There…
Brian Lewis
My biggest takeaway from MatadorU is that you don't have to be a full-time traveler in order to be a producer of travel media.
"Exactly a year after signing up for MatadorU, I was offered the chance to join Matador's Branded Content team as an editor -- pretty much a dream come true, for lack of a more cliched phrase."
If you want to build your own drone it's a big plus to have some basic electronics knowledge and soldering skills.
The reality is that in today's digital media landscape your traffic will live or die by the hand of social media.
Adopting the right attitude to your work is a big step towards your success.
It's kind of my worst nightmare but I just may give it a shot.
"Your taste is still killer. Your taste is why your work disappoints you."
How resilient are you in the face of adversity?
If you want to stand out in your writing, photography, or filmmaking, it's time to start being hyper-critical about everything you create.